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AL-Faris Slovenia

We are a young and dynamic destination management company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are strategically located in the center of Europe, connecting the Western Balkans, Central Europe and Western Europe. Our services extend over this region too.


Leisure travel: We provide turnkey solutions to your travel needs, whether it is an adventure-oriented trip or a honeymoon or just a regular family vacation, we can plan and execute it to suit our clients’ needs and budgets.

Business travel: Meetings, events, conference and incentive trips are an important part of any business, we have the skills and capabilities to arrange for your annual management conferences.

Sports tourism: Slovenia’s strategic location and its abundance of breathtaking nature makes it an ideal place for sports team preparation programs at high altitudes with plenty of green fields and the availability of the wellness infrastructure.

Medical tourism: Due to its rich natural resources and countless springs of healing water, Slovenia is a perfect destination for your rejuvenating spa experience or specialized medical treatment.

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